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Why Fit Bespoke Shelving?

Bespoke Shelving can be an invaluable part of our home. Having bespoke shelving made to fit your home can help you to stay organized and allow you to maximize the amount of space you have in your home.

Bespoke Shelving can be used to display your prized possessions such as vinyl's, CD's, book's and travel keepsakes.

"Dan provided an exceptional service. Dan concentrates on the quality of the work provided. Excellent value for money. Would recommend to family and friends without hesitation.".

Bespoke Shelving

As I specialise in bespoke joinery I can create, from scratch, a bespoke shelf for just about any purpose and to fit any area. I can use high-quality timber such as oak or paint-grade mdf so you can get the look you want for your space. As I craft the shelving from scratch I can use the right timber for your circumstance. I can create a range of completely bespoke shelving for your home such as:

Bespoke Floating shelving - 

This is where the support is inside the shelving so there are no visible supports

Bespoke Bookcases -

I can create the perfect bespoke bookshelf for your home or office, I have even created secret door bookshelves

Random Storage Shelving -

This includes the use of seemingly random boxes varying in height and width to create a unique look